Satin Island: Tom McCarthy

Satin Island: Tom McCarthy

Title: Satin Island

Author: Tom McCarthy

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

A selection of press reviews on Tom McCarthy’s latest novel, Satin Island.




The Telegraph

‘Reading Tom McCarthy’s fiction induces a certain kind of mania. It demands to be unpacked and decoded, charted and mapped. Every chapter – no, every sentence – invites you to plunge deeper into the book’s dark pool, groping for the submerged pattern. […] On finishing [Satin Island] you will have the powerful urge to throw it across the room then the powerful urge to pick it up to read again. And that’s what’s so brilliant. McCarthy positions us, as readers, with his characters: in pursuit of a fugitive epiphany we stage our own intricate re-enactment. Read the full review

The Guardian

In Satin Island […] McCarthy dispenses with all but the most austerely diagrammatic renderings of setting, character and action, leaving us with little more than the thought-flow of his narrator as he contemplates the aforementioned totality of modern existence. It’s a bold move, staking everything on pure intellect, but it is also extremely risky. […] the overwhelming impression left by the book [is] of a large talent saddled with a project that hasn’t inspired him as much as he expected it to.’ Read the full review

The Independent

Although McCarthy’s novels are antithetical to much of mass fiction, his structure is not experimental in the way of, say, James Joyce’s Ulysses. […] The wealth of intellectual ideas can make the novel feel dense. McCarthy’s typical eschewal of character development (U’s girlfriend seems a cipher, other than one bizarre incident which sounds like one of McCarthy’s performances for the International Necronautical Society) accentuates the intensity. But McCarthy’s crisp, clean prose is stimulating, his concepts original and his visual imagery powerful. Read the full review


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