I am Radar: Reif Larsen

I am Radar: Reif Larsen

Title: I am Radar

Author: Reif Larsen

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Penguin Press

A selection of reviews on Reif Larsen’s latest novel, I am Radar.





The Guardian

‘Each of this novel’s segments […] balance exciting, moving, even tragic stories with clever cerebrations about the mystical and world-changing powers of electricity and political art. […] This overwrought, chimerical novel earnestly wants to be profound. To do so, it showily prizes the power of what it calls “narrative transmigration”, but it groans with derivative ambitions that recall far more accomplished work by Thomas Pynchon, Tom McCarthy, Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell.’ Read the full review

The Telegraph

‘[I am Radar] wears its research heavily, mounting a barrage of trivia that ranges from depictions of sign language or Morse code to recurring extracts of a fabricated book in Norwegian. The reader, one senses, is supposed to grope for connections across the different stories and periods. […] Since Larsen can’t help being a far cosier writer than Pynchon, without either his devastating impulses towards farce and threat, or his breathtaking talent for description, being sufficiently impressed with another writer’s work that you steal it feels like a dicey metaphor to have chosen.’ Read the full review

The New York Times

I Am Radar is as easy to enjoy for its swaggering tragicomic spirit as it is to admire for its celestial ambition. Larsen is so good at fashioning endearingly flawed characters and palpable concepts that one only wishes he would have stepped out of his predecessors’ shadows a bit more. […] Larsen goes out of his way to stress his literary allegiances. […] Toward the end, however, I grew disenchanted with the author’s rolling shout-outs. His extended ode to Borges, which features one Professor Funes cursed with a perfect memory who builds the world’s largest private library along the Congo River, struck me as the literary equivalent of picking low-hanging fruit.’ Read the full review


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