Endgame: Ahmet Altan

Endgame: Ahmet Altan

Title: Endgame

Author: Ahmet Altan

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Canongate Books

A selection of reviews of Ahmet Altan’s novel, Endgame.





Sunday’s Zaman

‘Philippe Sands has called Altan’s Endgame a “waltz between death and desire that does not release you for even a single moment” while fellow Turkish author Elif Şafak described it as “a deeply compelling and immersive narrative about love, desire, loneliness and landscape.” […] The Man Booker Prize-winning author DBC Pierre said of Endgame: “If Steinbeck had written The Godfather it might have read like this. Endgame is a rare beast: a mystery adventure in the age of Internet, of such intimately written humanity that it transcends genre, time and place.”’ Read the full review


‘The award winning Altan has written that rare thing, a novel that is fluent yet profound, accessible and thought-provoking. […] The writer tells the whole book in the first person after the events, as he sits on a bench in the middle of the night waiting for the repercussions of his actions while the town sleeps. Endgame is a wonderful book with a colourful range of offbeat characters, well crafted, plotted and edited, and beautifully translated by Alexander Dawe, which will be enjoyed by readers of Pamuk and Abdolah.’ Read the full review

The Independent

‘Altan is an important figure as a journalist and writer in Turkey, where he has been fired as the former for writing about “the Kurdish problem” and censored as the latter for his sexual content. [Endgame] isn’t a plot-heavy book – that’s the “existential” aspect, I suppose – but unfortunately this also leads to long repetitive passages of dialogue, longer ones of writerly rumination, and pages full of text messages between Zuhal and the writer-lover-killer that are eminently skimmable.’ Read the full review


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