The Wolf Border: by Sarah Hall

The Wolf Border: by Sarah Hall

Title: The Wolf Border

Author: Sarah Hall

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Faber

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A selection of press reviews below on Sarah Hall’s novel The Wolf Border.



The Guardian

‘Hall is both master storyteller and skilled wordsmith. Her evocation of the landscape is particularly sensual – “Moorland, peat, ferns, water and whatever the water touches: the myrrh of autumn” – but she also draws her characters and the relationships between them with an equivalent richness. It is still only April, but I’m confident The Wolf Border will be one of the fiction highlights of this year. Read the full review

The Telegraph

‘This is a book overflowing with life and history, propelled by a writer who engages all the reader’s senses: “there’s the smell of loose, black earth, and minerals in the air, incendiary, like cordite”; the belly of a newborn baby is “tight under his soft skin, glabrous, like stone wrapped in chamois leather”. The wolves, once dominant in the story, recede, but the internal and external terrain, the bid for personal and political freedoms, has altered forever. Read the full review

The New York Times

The Wolf Border is set very much in the moment — not only ecologically but politically […] Though Hall has largely moved away from the intense lyricism of her debut, Haweswater [… ] she still shoots off a few sparks, a little gratuitous beauty. More dazzling is her ability to distill so much into the pages of this completely satisfying novel — those big themes taken at a loose, loping run with a hint of menace. Read the full review


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